About Daniel Buriticá


Daniel is a serial entrepreneur, social innovator and international speaker.

He focuses his efforts on taking world-class innovation to underserved places as the Head of Global Innovators Ecosystem at Solve Next.

He created the Colombian Youth Network RECOJO and the BAKONGO leadership camp. He also co-founded a Fintech company, a corporate team building company a crowdfunding platform and a Law firm.

Semana magazine recognized him as one of the brightest minds in social innovation in Colombia. Also chosen as Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum and Ashoka fellow.

Daniel has taken his message to more than 36 different cities and 4 continents. He currently sits on boards of directors and leads the global network of Wrong Thinkers.

In Colombia, he fights polarization by uniting opposite worlds with his Wrong Camp where he leads a reconciliation process for former guerrilla soldiers and victims of the conflict. His project won the “Shaping a better future” grant challenge from Coca-Cola Company and the World Economic Forum.