Daniel Buriticá C.

I help leaders with tools and know-how to make change happen


My work

I am a serial entrepreneur. My work has always been for and with the people. I founded the Colombian Youth Network RECOJO and the BAKONGO leadership camp. I also co-founded a technology company, a corporate teambuilding company and a law firm. I promote an innovation mindset with Solve Next. RECOJO y el campamento de líderazgo BAKONGO. Además co fundé una empresa de tecnología, una empresa de teambuilding corporativo y una firma de abogados. Promuevo con Solve Next una mentalidad innovadora.


As a speaker, I aim to inspire the audience through a message of empowerment and innovation that provokes a new attitude toward personal, corporate, and social problems.


Like you, I know many people who don't know how to create change and leave a legacy. I will guide you through the process and give you the necessary tools to achieve it.

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