Daniel Buriticá

Bringing world-class innovation to underserved places

Daniel is a serial entrepreneur, social innovator and international speaker.

He has taken his message to 4 continents and more than 36 cities worldwide. Semana Magazine recognized him as one of the most brilliant minds in social innovation. In addition, he was the first young Colombian to participate as a panelist at the Annual Summit of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.


How to make innovation work?

Now more than ever, learning to innovate and to adapt to new realities is necessary. But few people know how to make innovation produce results. Be surprised by Daniel’s experience creating innovation systems in organizations around the world, learn how to make innovation work, and leave inspired by stories about how to build a better world by thinking differently.
TOPIC Innovation
WHAT DOES IT ACHIEVE? You will understand what it takes to start innovating in corporate environments.
GOOD FOR: Companies, governments, NGOs.

How will new technologies change our business?

In recent years, we have seen an explosion of new technologies that promise to change how we live and threaten to transform traditional industries. The fourth industrial revolution brings artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet of things, drones, among many other technological advances. Is your business prepared to compete in an uncertain future?

TOPIC Fourth Industrial Revolution and its implications
WHAT DOES IT ACHIEVE? You will understand the changes that new technologies will bring and the strategies your business can implement to adapt.
GOOD FOR: All public

How to banish violence and build a peaceful country?

Daniel was a student leader at a private university in Bogotá in his youth. Regis was a student leader at a public university in Cartagena. Regis ended up fighting as a guerrilla in the FARC and Daniel had a family member kidnapped by that guerrilla. Today, together, they give an impressive conference that shows the power of reconciliation. They are an example that it is possible to build a peaceful society and that we can all reinvent ourselves.

WHAT DOES IT ACHIEVE? This conference inspires the audience to overcome adversity, positively face new beginnings, and learn from the past to build new futures.

Companies, governments, NGOs.
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